Final GCF meeting of the year Wednesday night! We'll be having a bbq at Dornblaser field by the U! We got food for you, cornhole, can-jam. 5:30 at Dornblaser. Unwind during finals week!

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  • Loving Jesus First Loving Jesus First As Christians, there is this really strong tension we are feeling. On one hand we want to be safe. We want to take all the precautions necessary to minimize the spread of this virus, to keep our family and roommates safe, and to follow all the guidelines and ordinances of…
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  • A Cry of Hope Breaking Through A Cry of Hope Breaking Through Have you heard the sound of a new baby’s cries? It’s unmistakable. Loud, piercing, alerting. Their cry beckons all those around to pay attention to him or her. The cry of a newborn baby is the long awaited sound for parents who have been waiting for 9 long months to…
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  • GCF Book Club GCF Book Club What do you do with your winter break? I know most of us love the rest and reprieve from responsibility. But does that have to mean taking a break from your faith? Join us for book club this break as we try to make the most of our winter break!
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